Mexico City–Benjamin Yeshurun Suthi, 44, and Alon Azoulay, 41, were gunned down point blank at a shopping mall in Mexico. Initially, media reported it was a crime of passion carried out by Suthi’s scorned 33 year old lover, Esperanza Gutierrez Rojana.

Suthi was arrested in Mexico in 2005
In 2005, Suthi was arrested for narcotics trafficking.

Rojana was caught on tape sitting at a table next to Suthi in a high-end Chinese restaurant. That’s when she allegedly used a hand gun to shoot both men in the back.

The murder weapon
The murder weapon.

Investigators are searching for two accomplices who immediately fled the scene.

The following day, prosecutors revealed the assassination was not a “crime of passion” but related to rival criminal organizations “settling the score” between themselves.

Speculation that Suthi’s assassination was carried out by his long time rival: The Mosli Organization of South Tel Aviv.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Erez Akrishevsky, an Israeli underworld figure, who had escaped from an 22 year prison term in Israel, was arrested last week in Cancun Mexico. After escaping prison, Akrishevsky avoided law enforcement for over 18 years.

Akrishevsky, who, a few days ago was extradited from Mexico to Israel. Speculation that Suthi may have betrayed Akrishevsky leading to Suthi’s assasination.

Like Akrishevsky, Suthi had also escaped from an Israeli prison. Both Akrishevsky and Suthi had fled Israel to South America.

CNN’s lede for the story was: “Woman shoots two Israeli’s dead at Chinese restaurant in Mexico City.” CNN curiously omitted the fact that Suthi was a major crime boss in Israel’s underworld.