WOODLAND HILLS, CA—Katie Johnson sued Donald Trump and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in 2016.  She alleged that in the summer of 1994, she was raped multiple times by both men at parties in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

Four days before Trump was elected, Johnson voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit immediately before she was to hold a press conference with her newly retained civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom—Gloria Allred’s daughter.

And it should not be forgotten that only a week before that, Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen was busy paying off Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal for their silence. After Cohen’s office was raided by the FBI he was subsequently convicted of misappropriating campaign funds to pay off Daniels and McDougal.

Surely if Cohen had paid off Johnson as well, the F.B.I. would have seized evidence of the payoff. Which would have inevitably ended up on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s desk while he was investigating the President.

Mueller wrote in his report that the probe “periodically identified evidence of potential criminal activity that was outside the scope of the special counsel’s jurisdiction established by the Acting Attorney General.”  

Mueller transferred or referred a total of 25 cases from his office to other components of the Justice Department and the FBI.  In total, 14 of those cases were redacted.

Last week, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York charged Epstein with child sex trafficking.

Johnson’s shocking rape allegations against Trump left underreported

Johnson claimed she was enticed by promises of money and a modeling career to attend a series of parties at Epstein’s mansion with other minor females.  She alleged at least four of the parties were attended by Trump.

Johnson alleged that at the fourth party she attended, Trump tied her to a bed, exposed himself, and forcibly raped her while she loudly pleaded for him to stop but with no effect. 

Johnson alleged that Trump, instead of stopping, violently struck her in the face with his open hand and that he screamed he would do whatever he wanted.  

Johnson alleged Trump threatened that if she ever told anyone, that her and her family would be physically harmed, if not killed.

Johnson alleged Epstein raped her at two of the parties both vaginally and anally.  She alleged Epstein closed his fist and tried to strike her in the head while stating he should’ve been the one who took Johnson’s virginity—not Trump.

During one of the parties, Trump told Johnson that she shouldn’t ever say anything if she didn’t want to disappear like Maria, a 12-year-old female who was also alleged raped by Trump and Epstein.  Johnson alleged she had not seen Maria ever since.

The day before the 2016 presidential election, the Daily Mail UK published an article cited an “unnamed source” claiming that Johnson “MADE IT ALL UP.”  And Johnson hasn’t been heard from ever since.