Israel: The Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Mueller’s investigation implicates an international Jewish-Russian crime syndicate tying Manafort, Papadoplous, Flynn, Cohen, Putin, and Trump to mafia don Semyon Mogilevich, the boss of all bosses. And Israel’s EastMed natural gas pipeline project runs through the heart of the conspiracy.

Meanwhile, mainstream media continue to gloss over the fact that several indictments issued from Special Counsel Robert Mueller III’s investigation directly implicate foreign agents close to Trump who have been working to advance Israel’s newest foray into the natural gas sector: the EastMed Pipeline.  

American and Israeli drilling partners discover natural gas off the coast of Israel

In 2010, Texas based Noble Energy and Israeli based Delek Drilling discovered the Leviathan gas field just 81 miles off the northern coast of Israel. The underwater field contains an estimated 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas valued at well over $100 billion dollars.

Since 1948, Israel has depended on energy imports from its neighbors. Israel has historically purchased 40 percent of its natural gas demands from Egypt. Israel’s newly discovered Leviathan gas field, however, contains enough natural gas for not only Israel, but enough to supply Europe. Israel will soon be its own source of energy for at least the next 50 years. And as a result, Israel sees itself with significantly more clout over its neighbors in the Middle East.

In 2017, Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told the Jerusalem Post:

“[f]or many decades, the Arabs used the fact that they’re supplying Europe with oil and natural gas in order to try to pressure Israel . . . And now we will have something to balance and influence”

Steinitz, Jerusalem Post

Twenty-five European countries depend on natural gas imported by Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom, the world’s largest producer of natural gas.  Over the last decade, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine thereby causing significant outages throughout Europe.

The major problem with Russian exported natural gas is that whenever tensions between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine heat up, Putin shuts of Ukraine’s natural gas supply.  And this has created widespread outages throughout Europe.  

Not to mention, Russia’s exportation of natural gas to Turkey and Europe is allegedly controlled by Solntsevskaya Bratva, the Jewish-Russian mafia, the largest, most powerful, and most dangerous organized crime syndicates in the world.

Because of the mafia’s control over Russia’s politically unstable supply of natural gas, European countries have a high demand for Israel’s newly discovered natural gas reserves.

Therefore, Israel has already entered into purchase agreements with European Union members eager to wean themselves off of Russian supplied natural gas.

But Israel has a major problem: where can the Jewish state build a pipeline to transport natural gas safely into European markets? Selling 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas worth more than $100 billion dollars is no easy task.

Israel can build their natural gas pipeline through Turkey or Greece to its European consumers. The quickest route would be for Israel to construct a pipeline through Turkey into Bulgaria. But Israel already burnt that bridge long ago.

Option 1: Israel constructing a natural gas pipeline through Turkey

The most efficient route would be from the Leviathan gas field, through Cyprus, across Turkey, and into Europe.  But Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has repeatedly refused the idea–citing Israel’s illegal settlement activities and human rights violations in Palestine as an impasse.

It’s also unknown precisely what type of control the Solntsevskaya Bratva could have over the construction of a natural gas pipeline through Turkey.  It is known, however, that the Jewish-Russian mafia’s boss, don Semion Mogilevich (i.e. the boss of all bosses) has his hand in RosUkrEnergo, a company responsible for transporting and distributing Gazprom’s natural gas through Ukraine and into European and Turkish markets.

Option 2: Israel could build a massive +$10 billion underwater natural gas pipeline through Cyprus, Crete, Greece, then to Italy

Short of causing a regime change in Turkey, Israel’s next best option would be to build a pipeline through Cyprus, Crete, Greece, and into Italy. But the nearly 1,400 mile pipeline would take a miraculous engineering feet and probably cost more than $10 billion.

George Papadopoulos was lobbying for Israel to build the pipeline through his ancestral land (Greece).

George Papadopoulos was lobbying for Israel’s EastMed Pipeline at the 2015 Israeli Energy & Business Convention.

In 2014, a couple years before George Papadopoulos became an advisor to the Trump campaign, he had written op-eds in Arutz Sheva, Israel National News, an unashamedly Zionist newspaper and television network. Papadopoulos had begged Israel not to trust Turkey. Papadopoulos urged Israel to build the EastMed pipeline through Cyprus, Crete, and Greece.

Papadopoulos had openly criticized Russia’s unstable relationship with Ukraine, as a reason why European countries cannot rely on Russian natural gas supplies. Papadopoulos concluded, therefore, Israel must construct the natural gas pipeline through Cyprus, Crete, and Greece to avoid Turkey.

Papadopoulos advocated for the US to enhance its military ties with Israel and Greece to “repel Russia’s growing influence” in the Middle East.

“The U.S. should not only encourage the strengthening relationship between Israel, Greece, and Cyprus, but become the principle actor driving the relationship forward.”

George Papadopoulos, Arutz Sheva 7, March 13, 2014.

Papadopolous’ Linkedin account reveals his lack of real world work experience. But that didn’t stop the Trump Campaign from appointing him as its foreign policy advisor in March 2016. Not bad for a 28 year old with a masters degree in “Securities Studies.”

So, if Papadopoulos was working against Russian interests and influences, why did he do a complete 180 and flip his position on Russia–in such a short amount of time? Remember, at first, Papadopoulos advocated fiercely against Russian influence.

But suddenly, after Papadopoulos joined the Trump Campaign in March 2016, he instantly changed after meeting some “new” Russian friends through his wife’s former boss, Joseph Mifsud, a university professor in Europe.

Professor Mifsud (who has disappeared) introduced Papadopoulos to a supposed Kremlin official and a woman purporting to be Vladimir Putin’s daughter. But she certainly wasn’t Putin’s. But Papadopoulos fell for it. And not knowing any better, Papadopoulos attempted to connect his new Russian “friends” with the Trump campaign. Papadopoulos left a big trail of email evidence, almost intentionally, to show that he was trying to create a secret backchannel between the Trump campaign and Russia. But keep in mind, Papadopoulos was clearly working for Israeli interests, not Russian. And it was Papadopoulos who had advocated against Russia all along. Thus, making his newfound phony ties to the Kremlin all the more suspicious.

Papadopoulos allegedly thought uniting the Kremlin with Trump would make him an invaluable team player. Little did he know, Manafort and Trump were already well connected to the Kremlin (probably long before Papadopoulos was born).

In fact, when Manafort learned of Papadopolous’ attempts, Manafort sent out emails to the Trump campaign, criticizing Papadopolous’ efforts. Manafort’s emails appear to be so contrived that its obvious he was creating a false narrative.

Papadoplous had to be Israel’s patsy, used to intentionally create a false narrative of Russian collusion.

Unbeknownst to Papadopolous, he was likely a patsy used to shift attention away from Trump’s secret ties to Israel by keeping media outlets focused on Russian collusion. That’s not to say Russian officials didn’t conspire with the Trump campaign through other channels (i.e. through Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and the Trump family directly).

In early 2017, the FBI interviewed Papadopolous about the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia.

By the end of the year, Papadopolous was arrested, indicted, and convicted for making false statements about his contacts with the supposed Russian official and the imposter of Putin’s daughter.

George Papadopolous was likely working as an unregistered foreign agent of Greek and Israeli interests in constructing Israel’s EastMed pipeline.

Before Papadopoulos was convicted, however, his wife Simona Mangiante, told reporters Mueller was investigating evidence that Papadopoulos had worked as an unregistered foreign agent for Israel.

How is Paul Manafort linked to Israel?

Paul Manafort has worked covertly for Israel, Ukraine, and Russian interests.

Mueller will have a tough time explaining everyone’s motives in the conspiracy to undermine our democracy. But Paul Manafort’s backstory happens to be the single most important one to understanding the decade long story behind Trump’s installation in the White House.

Former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych currently lives in exile, in Moscow. And Manafort has worked for him since 2004.

(Left)Ukraine’s former president Viktor Yanukovych (a pro-Kremlin puppet) now living in exile in Russia had coincidentally met Special Counsel Robert Mueller (right) in 2013 while Mueller was discussing improving US-Ukraine relations.

The big story begins in 2004 while Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Moscow candidate propped up by Putin, runs for president of Ukraine.

During the 2004 campaign Viktor Yanukovych’s rival Viktor Yuschenko is mysteriously poisoned.

Yanukovych’s rival, Viktor Yushchenko, had campaigned on the promise to fight corruption and push Ukraine away from Russia and towards stronger integration with the EU. Yushchenko had promised that if he was elected president, he would appoint Yulia Tymoshenko as Ukraine’s first female prime minister.

Before and after photos of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko who ran against Viktor Yunakovych. Yuschenko (photos above) was nearly assassinated by chemical weapon poisoining during the Ukrainian presidential election.

Yushenko was nearly assassinated with a chemical weapon during the 2004 Ukraine presidential election. The chemical is found in agent orange. And it’s probably no coincidence Yuschenko is a member of Ukraine’s “orange” party.

After a run-off election, Yuschenko was announced the winner. But his win was only shortly lived given that allegations of election fraud and voter suppression emerged against him.

In response, Yulia Tymoshenko had led millions of Ukrainians to find pieces of orange cloth and spread the color everywhere in protest of Yanukovych’s corruption and fraudulent win. Massive protests ensued in what became known as the “Orange Revolution.”

Yulia Tymoshenko leads the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, following a voter fraud in the 2004 Ukraine Presidential election between her Orange Party candidate Viktor Yuschenko and Putin’s Pro-Russia Party of Regions puppet Viktor Yanukovych. The following month, the Supreme Court of Ukraine rejected the runoff results and invalidated Yanukovych’s win.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine rejects Yanukovych’s fraudulent win. Another vote is held and Orange party candidate Yuschenko wins.

As president of Ukraine, Yushchenko appointed Yulia Tymoshenko to be Ukraine’s first female prime minister.

Yuschenko (left) wins the election and later appoints Tymoshenko (right) as Ukraine’s first female Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Yanukovych, a soar loser who couldn’t win (even after rigging the vote), had to hire Manafort to help improve his image over the next 5 years, until the next presidential election. Manafort also helped members from Yanukovych’s Party of Regions get elected to other offices.

When Putin hopeful Yanukovych loses the election, Putin retaliates by shutting off Ukraine’s supply of natural gas.

In 2005, Russia’s Gazprom was accused of creating an unnecessary natural gas dispute with Ukraine. Many believed the dispute was a calculated attempted by Putin to retaliate against the Orange Revolution and undermine Ukraine’s newly elected President Yushchenko.

Western European markets receive large quantities of Russian supplied natural gas by way of Ukraine. So, when an agreement between Putin and Ukraine could not be reached, Putin simply had Gazprom slowly reduce the pressure in the pipelines to Ukraine. In doing so, Putin had caused, perhaps unintentionally, a drop in natural gas supplies from Russia to Western European markets.

Map of Gazprom’s distribution of natural gas via pipelines throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

In 2008, Putin cut off Ukraine’s natural gas supplies again. As a result, 18 European countries reported a dip in natural gas supplies from Russia. And the EU intervened.

Then-Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko pointed to the mafia’s hand in controlling the pipelines that transport Russian natural gas across Ukraine to Western markets via third party companies such as RosUkrEnergo (RUE). 50 percent of Rue is owned by Russia’s Gazprom, 45 percent by Ukrainian billionaire Dmitry Firstash, and the remaining 5 percent by Ivan Furshin.

Former Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko accuses Jewish-Russian mafia boss don Semion Mogilevich, “the boss of all bosses” of controlling exports of Russian natural gas to Europe.

Tymoshenko had accused mafia boss Semion Mogilevich of having a covert interest in the Swiss-based RUE (via Dmitry Firtash). RUE distributes natural gas supplies to Turkish and Eastern European markets.

FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitive no. 494, Semion Mogilevich, the Jewish-Russian mafia lord, is considered by the FBI as the world’s most dangerous mobster. Felix Sater is one of Mogilevich’s soldiers. And Sater was childhood friends with Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen.

The FBI considers Mogilevich the “most dangerous mobster in the world.”

In 2010, WikiLeaks released U.S. Embassy cables that reveal Dmitry Firtash’s connection to crime boss Mogilevich.

“[Firstash] broke into the gas trade and established himself as an intermediary through connections to key Ukrainian officials and reportedly to Russian organized crime figure Semyon Mogilevich. As co-owner of gas intermediary RosUkrEnergo (RUE), Firtash is widely believed to be serving as a front man for far broader interests. In the case of Nadra, Firtash is sufficiently cash-rich to finance the purchase on his own, but the suspicion remains that in his major business dealings he remains at least politically indebted to the forces that helped him rise so quickly.”
According to the leaked cable, the U.S. Embassy reported Firtash and Mogileivich were linked through “ostensible joint holdings in off-shore vehicles, and through mutual personal relationships.”

In 2010, WikiLeaks released a series of leaked US Embassy cables.

The U.S. Embassy’s cable suggested Firtash “might still be beholden to the forces that helped him rise so quickly.”

Ukrainian oligcarch Dmitry Firtash goes from a failed business man to a natural gas energy mogul almost overnight. The US Embassy wonders who he owes favors too. He allegedly holds joint interests in a natural gas distribution company with the infamous Semion Mogilevich. Former President Bill Clinton’s attorney Lanny Davis represented Dmitry Firtash in Illinois, where Firtash is wanted for racketeering. And more recently, Lanny Davis represents Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen.

In 200, Firtash’s failing canned food company received a license to sell natural gas at unregulated prices. That’s when a company called Highrock Holding Ltd was registered in Cyprus to facilitate the business. 33 percent of Highrock was owned by Firtash and his wife. 34 percent was owned by Agatheas Trading Ltd. Semion Mogilevich’s ex-wife, Galina Telesh, was reportedly the director of Agatheas Trading from 2001 to 2003. Thereafter, Firtash became the director.

The U.S. embassy cable also explains Firtash and Mogilevich share the same lawyer, Zeev Gordon aka Vladimir Averbukh. But note that since the time of the cable, which is nearly a decade old, President Bill Clinton’s former special counsel, Lanny Davis, has started representing, and is even registered as a foreign agent for, Dmitry Firtash, who is wanted in Illinois for, among other things, racketeering. (See United States v. Dmitry Firtash 13-CR-515). Lanny Davis also represents Michael Cohen.

Regardless, Putin and Tymoshenko continued to conflict over the natural gas crisis between Russia and Ukraine. There was a temporary resolution but the conflicts continued right up to 2009, a perfect lead into Ukraine’s next presidential election.

Tymoshenko runs against Yanukovych in the 2010 Ukraine election.

During the campaign, Yanukovych was able to exploit the natural gas crisis against Tymoshenko. Yanukovych and Manafort disseminated misogynistic rhetoric against Tymoshenko (similar to what was used against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election). Yanukovych had argued that Tymoshenko should start telling the truth or go back to her place—in the kitchen.

Déjà Vous: Yanukovych defeats Tymoshenko then “locks her up.”

Tymoshenko, who is a symbol of western democratic values lost the 2010 election against Yanukovych by a suspiciously narrow margin. And once again, Yanukovych was accussed of election fraud similar to his tactics in the 2004 election.

Tymoshenko petitioned the Supreme Court of Ukraine which denied review of the election results. When it became official that Yanukovych was president, Tymoshenko resigned from her office as Prime Minister. Subsequently, she was arrested and imprisoned on false charges. She was accused of misappropriating a Kyoto fund.

There was no evidence, however, that she had done anything wrong. Western leaders began denouncing Ukraine for jailing Tymoshenko. Yanukovych failed to anticipate the severe international backlash from foreign governments concerning Tymoshenko’s imprisonment.

The EU and US had criticized Yanukovych for mistreating Tymoshenko and saw her jailing as yet another attempt by Putin and Yanukovych to silence anyone who stood up against their corruption.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had boycotted the European Soccer Championship hosted in Ukraine. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Tymoshenko’s trial a “selective prosecution.” The US threatened to sanction Ukraine.

Manafort’s multimillion dollar PR campaign to “plant some stink” on Tymoshenko in the U.S.

US-Ukraine relations deteriorated because of Tymoshenko’s mistreatment. So, Yanukovych had Manafort run a multimillion dollar PR campaign in the U.S. to, in Manafort’s words, “plant some stink on Tymo.”

Yanukovych’s purported goal was to develop stronger US-Ukraine relations. Manafort began directing a team of lobbyists in the US to write news stories alleging “Tymoshenko had paid for the murder of a Ukrainian official.”

Manafort instructed his lobbyists in the US to leave “no fingerprints.” Manafort even retained the law firm of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP to draft a bogus report analyzing Tymoshenko’s criminal trial in Ukraine. Skadden’s report had concluded the Ukranian trial had comported with U.S. Constitutional principles and did not offend what Americans understand as “due process.” This, in spite of the fact that Tymoshenko had requested and was denied a jury trial.

Mueller’s filings reveal Skadden Arps was paid $4.6 million dollars to draft the fake legal analysis. Manafort had secretly funneled the money to the law firm from offshore accounts. Ukrainian officials under then-President Yanukovych claimed they had only paid Skadden Arps a mere $12,000 for the “independent” legal report.

Skadden Arps’ associate attorney Alex Rolf van der Zwaan was indicted after conspiring with Paul Manafort and Ukrainian officials and releasing a fake legal opinion about the prosecution of Ukraine’s former Primer Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Manafort had secretly transferred over $4 million to the law firm to prepare the highly biased report.

Former Skadden Arps attorney Alex Rolf van der Zwaan pleaded guilty to making false statements to federal investigators. After serving a short prison sentence, he was deported to the Netherlands.

American news media ignores a critical fact buried in Paul Manafort’s sentencing Memorandum. (Paragraph 37.)

Once Skadden Arps completed the fraudulent report, Manafort wrote to journalist Alan Friedman, “someone [is] pushing it on the NY Post. Bada bing bada boom.”

Manafort admitted he sought to have the Obama administration understand that “the Jewish community will take this out on Obama on election day if he does nothing.”

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman denies that he knows Manafort, then resigns.

Paul Manafort’s conviction reveals former Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman (left) had worked with Paul Manafort in smearing Yulia Tymoshenko and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In September 2018, after Manafort’s confessions were revealed, The Times of Israel reported speculation that Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman was the unnamed “senior Israeli government official” in Mueller’s probe. Two days later, Lieberman’s office issued a statement denying that Lieberman has ever met, spoken to, or worked with Manafort.

In November 2018, Lieberman resigned from office and blamed his departure on a “ceasefire versus Gaza.”

Regardless of Lieberman’s denials, Manafort’s admission is corroborated by the fact that Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a controversial statement on its official Israeli government website in 2012, which was immediately picked up by Breitbart and used to smear Clinton as a supporter of “anti-Semitism.” At that time, Lieberman was Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Immediately after the statement was released on Israel’s official government website, Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro synthesized Manafort’s and Lieberman’s propaganda into an article titled: “Jewish Leaders Blame Hillary Clinton for ‘Legitimizing’ Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi party.”

Shapiro attributed the Israeli government’s statement to Lieberman, then attacked Clinton for supporting “anti-Semitism.”

Paul Manafort and then-Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman smeared Julia Tymoshenko and Hillary Clinton with the help of Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro.

“Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman wrote on October 27, ‘Israel is concerned by the recently signed coalition agreement between the Batkyvshchyna party and the extremist Svoboda party in Ukraine. Antisemitic insults by Svoboda have caused outrage on number of occasions both in Ukraine and in Israel. The Svoboda leader has praised the fight ‘against kikes and dirty Russians.’” Reporter Ben Shapiro, October 29, 2012.

Exclusive: Mueller’s filings also reveal Manafort was likely paid to secretly advance Israeli interests in exploiting the Leviathan gas field.

Mainstream media has completely missed the major clues in Mueller’s filings that further tie Manafort to Israeli interests.

In Manafort’s plea agreement he had admitted to setting up various business entities to carry out his schemes, including several in Cyprus (i.e. just miles north of Israel’s Leviathan gas field).

Court filings do not indicate the source of funding for Manafort’s companies nor whether he was paid on behalf of anyone with an interest in the Israeli Leviathan gas field.

But the name of one of Manafort’s companies says it all: “Leviathan Advisors Limited” of Cyprus—a dead giveaway Manafort had been working to advance Israeli interests in exploiting the Leviathan gas field.

Manafort’s plea agreement indicates he had started funneling money through Leviathan Advisors Limited’s bank accounts in Cyprus starting in 2010—the same year Noble Energy and Delek Drilling began discovering natural gas in the Leviathan field.

Excerpt from Paul Manafort’s indictment clearly tying him to Israel’s Leviathan natural gas reserve. A fact completely mainstream American news media outlets won’t touch.

Flynn Intelligence Group works as a secret foreign agent tied to Israel’s pipeline.

In 2014, Flynn resigned as Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency and partnered up with Iranian-American businessman Bijan Kian to form the Flynn Intel Group, a private consulting and lobbying firm.

Kian was recently indicted with one of Flynn Intel Group’s clients: Turkish businessman Kamil Ekim Alptekin. They were indicted for working as secret foreign agents.

The indictments, however, don’t specify whether they were actually working for Turkish or Israeli interests—or both.

Federal prosecutors allege Alptekin and his private Dutch-based consulting company Inovo BV had hired Flynn Intel Group in 2016 to covertly influence U.S. officials to extradite Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen to Turkey.

Although the indictment explains Alptekin had met with Turkish officials seeking influence in the US, the indictment is unusual because it does not state whether Alptekin was actually working as a secret agent on behalf of Turkey. That’s probably because Alptekin was likely working secretly on behalf of Israeli interests designed to undermine the Turkish government.

Was Flynn Intel Group paid to agitate Erdoğan’s presidency and create social upheaval in Turkey?

At first glance, it would seem president Erdoğan was behind Flynn Intel Group’s unlawful lobbying activities aimed at securing Gulen’s extradition.

After all, Gülen has been living in a self-imposed exile in rural Pennsylvania for a couple of decades. He has been wanted by his arch-rival, President Erdoğan for allegedly leading an attempted coup d’etat attempt in 2016.

Following the failed coup attempt, the Turkish government put increased pressure on the US Justice Department to extradite Gülen. But the Justice Department refused.

One might think President Erdoğan was secretly paying Flynn Intel Group to help push for Gülen’s extradition. But it’s more probable Flynn and his associates were attempting to instigate a civil war in Turkey, designed to overthrow Erdoğan’s presidency.

If a coup on the Turkish government was successful and was Erdoğan’s removed, Israel would have markedly improved chances of, among other things, negotiating the construction of its pipeline through Turkey.

Gülen has been living in a self-imposed exile in rural Pennsylvania for nearly two decades. He’s wanted in Turkey for supposedly leading a failed coup attempt. Gülen has millions of spiritual followers worldwide.

On the same day Trump was elected, The Hill released an op-ed under Flynn’s name demanding US officials detain Gülen and extradite him to Turkey. Flynn fiercely attacked Gülen and wrote from “Turkey’s point of view, Washington is harboring Turkey’s Osama bin Laden.”

Michael Flynn’s Op-Ed in the Hill

Flynn’s op-ed had backfired, however, because it triggered US federal investigators to request more information from him and Flynn Intel Group’s associates about whether they were acting as secret unregistered foreign agents.  

The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) requires persons acting as foreign agents to register their activities with the Justice Department.  

After federal investigators requested more information from Flynn Intel Group, the company registered—retroactively—with the Justice Department.

The indictment of Flynn’s business partners reveals he was working for Israeli interests.

The recent indictment against Kian and Alpterkin meticulously (and painfully) points out every allegedly false or misleading statement contained in Flynn Intel Group’s registration documents. But the indictment avoids characterizing whether a critical portion of Flynn Intel Group’s FARA registration was false.

The indictment does not challenge the truth of the following portion of Flynn Intel Group’s registration, which stated:

“[Alptekin’s] Inovo represented a private sector company in Israel that sought to export natural gas to Turkey, and it was for support of its consulting work for this client that Inovo engaged Flynn Intel Group, specifically to understand the tumultuous political climate at the time between the United States and Turkey so that Inovo could advise its client regarding its business opportunities and investment in Turkey.”

Excerpt from the indictment of Flynn’s associate Bijan Kian (co-founder of the Flynn Intel Group) and indictment of Flynn Intel Group’s client Ekim Alptekin.

The indictment does, however, allege Alpertkin had falsely told Flynn Intel Group’s lawyers that:

“[T]he project was done on behalf of an Israeli company that owned a share in a natural gas consortium seeking to do business with Turkey.”

Alptekin’s Indictment

But federal prosecutors have provided no indication of what portion of the Alpertkin’s statement is false–leaving open the possibility that Israeli interests were behind Alpterkin’s and the Flynn Intel Group’s efforts to kidnap or extradite Gulen to Turkey.

The portion of Alpterkin’s statement that’s false could very well be that the Israeli company was not “seeking to do business with Turkey” but rather attempting to instigate a regime change.

A year before Alpterkin was indicted, he told reporters that he had an exclusive deal with Ratio Oil Exploration LP, an Israeli based company with a 15 percent interest in Israel’s Leviathan gas field. Ratio Oil Exploration denies that it hired Alptekin. And when a deal memo between Ratio and Alptekin surfaced on the Internet, Ratio Oil claimed it was a forgery.

This letter surfaced on the internet and purports to show that Flynn Intel Group’s client Ekim Alptekin was paid by Ratio Oil of Israel, to lobby for the extradition of Gülen. Obviously, Ratio Oil claims the letter is a forgery.

The memo, dated June 28, 2016, states Ratio Oil was exploring the possibility of marketing a “certain amount of the natural gas from Leviathan to regional markets including, but not limited, to the Republic of Turkey.”

The memo also states Ratio Oil had granted Alptekin’s company Inovo BV an exclusive right to represent Ratio Oil “in the Republic of Turkey for the purpose of exploring and managing the opportunity to export gas from Leviathan into Turkey.”

Alptekin claims the memo is authentic and swears he was working on behalf of Ratio Oil when he had hired Flynn Intel Group. The indictment alleges Alptekin and the Flynn Intel Group had been working to discredit and delegitimize Gülen, so that he would be forced to return to Turkey.

Despite Ratio Oil’s denial of any relationship with Alptekin, Buzzfeed published a photo of Alptekin at the 2016 Israel Energy Business Convention wearing a credential that identifies him as a guest of Ratio Oil.

Flynn Intel Group’s client Ekim Alptekin (center) at an energy conference as a guest of Ratio Oil (as indicated by the convention badge on his lanyard).

Were Flynn and Alptekin attempting to pull off impossible favors for President Erdoğan? Or, attempting to undermine his presidency?

If Flynn and Alptekin were in fact working covertly on behalf of Ratio Oil, their motives in seeking Gülen’s extradition are questionable. At first glance, it would appear that Flynn and Alptekin had thought securing the extradition of Gülen to Turkey would somehow win over President Erdoğan and warm him up to the possibility of allowing the Israeli natural gas pipeline to cross through Turkey.

However, Flynn and Alptekin could have had a more clandestine motive to instigate yet another coup against President Erdoğan. And in 2014, Papadopoulos even suggested the idea in one of his op-eds published by Artuz Sheva.

Papadopoulos argued the only way Israel should consider building the pipeline through Turkey is if “Turkey’s secular minority and western-oriented opposition were able to retake the country from the iron grip of the Islamists[.]”

If Flynn and Alptekin had succeeded in their efforts to extradite—or kidnap—Gülen, his nearly 6 million followers would have used the event as a catalyst to disrupt President Erdoğan and cause a regime change.

With Erdoğan out of the way, Israel would have markedly improved chances of convincing any new Turkish leadership to approve the construction of a pipeline through Turkey.

Flynn’s conviction reveals a “very senior member” of Trump’s team had directed him to undermine the UN Security Council—for Israel’s benefit.

Shortly after Flynn’s op-ed condemning Gülen in The Hill was published and Trump was elected, Flynn was appointed to serve on Trump’s Transition Team. And a “very senior member” of the team, who The New York Times reported is Jared Kushner, had directed Flynn to undermine the UN Security Council in order to benefit Israel.

Michael Flynn (left) and Jared Kushner (right)

In December 2016, the UN Security Council was planning to vote on a resolution condemning Israel for its settlement activities in Palestine. And Flynn was directed to influence those UN Security Council members, including Russia, “to delay the vote or defeat the resolution.”

That’s why Flynn initially contacted then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Flynn attempted to persuade then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to have “Russia vote against or delay the resolution.” The following day, Kislyak informed Flynn that the Russia Federation voted against Israel.

Ultimately, all of the countries that makeup the UN Security Council voted to condemn Israel—except the US which abstained.

How Vladimir Putin is connected to Israel’s EastMed pipeline

In October 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Putin reportedly met to strike up a deal granting some concessions in the Leviathan reservoir to Gazprom.

According to The Australian, Putin assured Netanyahu that Russia “will make sure there will be no provocation against the gas fields by Hezbollah or Hamas. Nobody messes with us.”

Putin has held several other discussions at the Kremlin with Netanyahu and Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin. The full extent of Russia’s and Gazprom’s involvement in the Leviathan reservoir remains unknown.

Earlier this year, The Times of Israel reported Israel and Russia had reached a secret deal on pushing Iran away from the Syrian border. The deal, struck between Israel’s then-Defense Minister Lieberman and Russian Federation’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, allows Syrian regime soldiers to occupy the border near the Golan Heights.

Meanwhile, Russia is required to keep two of its allied forces—Hezbollah and Iran—away from the border.

The Russia-Israel deal purportedly also requires US and Turkish forces to leave the area. This would explain why Trump announced earlier this year that the US military would begin immediately pulling out of Syria.

Trump continues to bend over backwards for Israel

It’s obvious Trump has bent over backwards for Israel. From the start Trump enacted a ban on individuals from predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. Trump carried out several air strikes in Syria against Israel’s targets. Trump even recently moved the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

A billboard in Israel of Trump and Netanyahu.

Trump has even appeared side by side in billboards throughout the Jewish state promoting Netanyahu’s bid for re-election.

This week, Trump Tweeted the U.S. will recognize Israel’s sovereignty of Syria’s the Golan Heights, (where Genie Energy owns an oil field). Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, James Woolsey, Larry Summers, Bill Richardson, Michael Steinhard, Jacob Rothschild, and Mary Landrieu all serve on Genie Energy’s Strategic advisory board.