Mueller says there were multiple systemic efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election

WASHINGTON D.C.—This morning Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III held an unexpected press conference at the Justice Department. “We are formally closing the investigation and I am resigning.” Mueller said.

Mueller’s investigation into whether Russian nationals interfered in the 2016 president election lasted just over two years. Mueller said sophisticated techniques were used to steal private information and release it through fake online identities and through Wikileaks.

“There were multiple systematic efforts to interfere with our election and that deserves the attention of every American.” Mueller said.

“We didn’t make a conclusion as to whether the President did commit a crime.” Mueller said.

“The opinion explicitly permits the investigation of a sitting president to preserve evidence while memories are still clear.” Mueller said.

Mueller said he wouldn’t reach a conclusion one way or another whether the president committed a crime.

“We conducted and independent criminal investigation as required by department regulations.” Mueller said.

Assange evicted from Ecudorian Embassy in London, arrested by UK authorities, DOJ unseals indictment

LONDON — Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, who had been pent up in the Ecudorian Embassy in London, was finally evicted. British authorities were permitted to enter the embassy and arrested him under the U.S./U.K. Extradition Treaty. And today, the Justice Department unsealed a grand jury indictment against Assange for conspiring to crack a password on SIPRNet, the U.S. Department of Defense’s secret computer network used to transfer encrypted communications and classified information.

But for now, speculators have been wrong about Assange. Over the past several months, news media speculated that a grand jury secretly indicted Assange for interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. However, this indictment reveals that Assange was charged by the grand jury on March 6, 2018. Therefore, Assange could very easily have been indicted under seal in another U.S. Court on charges relating more specifically to intereference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Only time will tell.

Today, however, the Justice Department unsealed a grand jury indictment against Assange accusing him of conspiring with Cheslsea Manning crack into SIPRNet back in March 2010.

In turn, Manning used her access to download several databases containing classified information about the Agfghanistan and Iraq wars and Guantanmo Bay. Then, she gave those documents to WikiLeaks. The indictment alleges Assange knew the documents he received were classified. And a key is that Assange was not authorized to receive U.S. classified information but had used WikiLeaks to solicit for it.

After Assange published those documents on WikiLeaks, Manning gave Assange a password to crack that was stored as a hash value in a computer file accessible only to administrative-level privileges on the network. Manning did not have those privileges. So, she used Linux to access the hash value and provided it to Assange.

Assange and Manning communicated through Jabber chat service to collaborate about the classified records and entered into an agreement to crack the password. Then, Assange took steps to conceal that it wasManning who disclosed the classified records to WikiLeaks. Assange deleted usernames from the disclosed information and deleted their chat logs on Jabber.

On March 10, 2010, Assange asked Manning for more information the password. Assange indicated that he had been trying to crack the password and had “no luck so far.”

Later, Manning used the Department of Defense’s computers to download over 250,000 State Department cables. And transmitted them via dropbox to WikiLeaks. Then Assange published the cables.

The indictment falls short of saying whether Assange was actually successful in cracking the hash value. Regardless, the crime of conspiracy doesn’t require to prove that the conspirators succeeded with their crime. That there was an agreement to try and crack the hash value and tried to crack it is good enough to prove conspiracy.

The indictment indicates: “Julian Paul Assange was the founder and leader of the WikiLeaks website. The WikiLeaks website publicly solicited submissions of classified, censored, and other restricted information.” And that he was not authorized to receive classified information of the U.S.

William Barr

WASHINGTON—D.C. President Trump’s newly appointed Attorney General William Barr released a cryptic four page summary of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s final report. Barr admits Mueller’s report does not exonerate Trump and that Mueller referred issues out (probably for further investigation by federal prosecutors in multiple jurisdictions). Mueller probably recommened Trump be tried in the U.S. Senate, rather than court.

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Israel: The Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Mueller’s investigation implicates an international Jewish-Russian crime syndicate tying Manafort, Papadoplous, Flynn, Cohen, Putin, and Trump to mafia don Semyon Mogilevich, the boss of all bosses. And Israel’s EastMed natural gas pipeline project runs through the heart of the conspiracy.

Meanwhile, mainstream media continue to gloss over the fact that several indictments issued from Special Counsel Robert Mueller III’s investigation directly implicate foreign agents close to Trump who have been working to advance Israel’s newest foray into the natural gas sector: the EastMed Pipeline.  

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Gambino crime boss assassinated

STATEN ISLAND, NY—Last night, Frank Cali, the boss of the Gambino crime family was assassinated in front of his home.  Was his murder related to the fact that only two weeks ago, Giovanni Gambino had reportedly told

“A message for Michael Cohen: He better keep his mouth shut. If he wants to get out alive, he better keep his mouth shut about Trump.”

Giovanni Gambino quoted in

There is already plenty of speculation concerning the motives behind Frank Cali’s assassination.  For example, was it a hit ordered from a rival criminal enterprise?  Or, was it someone within the Gambino crime family, who is plotting to take it over?Or, one theory that has yet to be explored: whether Frank Cali’s murder has something to do with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump and the indictment and conviction of several of Trump’s closest associates, including Michael Cohen.

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Maria Butina’s “American Boy” indicted

SIOUX FALLS—30 year old Russian secret agent Maria Butina’s 57 year old American boyfriend Paul Erickson was indicted today.  Erickson is an attorney and GOP operative known for his connections to the NRA.  Butina, who is currently being held in federal prison, met Erickson in Russia in 2013 and started an intimate relationship with him.

In 2011, Butina created Right to Bear Arms, a Russian gun-rights group.  Butina testified to congress that the group was funded by Russian billionaire Konstantin Nikolaev.

After creating the group. Butina traveled to the US with Aleksandr Torshin then-Senator of the Federation Council of Russia.  Torshin went on to become the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia.  Butina worked for Torshin until May 2017.

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Stone’s indictment implicates Trump campaign officials

WASHINGTON D.C.—Former Trump presidential campaign official Roger J. Stone was indicted by a federal grand jury this week and arrested during a pre-dawn FBI raid at his home in Florida.   The charges relate to false and misleading statements Stone made to Congress and the FBI about his involvement in Wikileaks’ publication of emails that were stolen from the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman John Podesta.

The key factual allegation against Stone is that in August 2016–while serving as an official on the Trump 2016 presidential campaign—he announced at Trump rallies and on Twitter that Wikileaks had Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

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Deripaska’s mistress released from Thai prison

ATTAYA—Thai authorities released imprisoned sex worker Natsya Rybka and deported her to Russia.  When the 28 year old Belarusian was arrested in February 2018 for soliciting in Pattaya, she claimed she was Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s mistress and made an impassioned plea for asylum, on the basis that she was in possession of evidence that Deripaska had conspired with Trump’s election team to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

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Russian lawyer at Trump Tower meeting indictment relates to Magnitsky’s death

MANHATTAN—An indictment was unsealed today against Natalya Vesenlnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who gained noteriety last year amidst media speculation concerning what transpired during her infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner.  At first glance, the indictment appears unrelated to the meeting but reveals a federal grand jury had charged Vesenlnitskaya with obstructing justice, namely falsifying evidence, in United States v. Prevezon Holdings, Ltd. a case filed in 2013 by then-U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who sought to recover real estate in Manhattan allegedly acquired by corrupt Russian officials in an elaborate scheme to defraud the Russian Treasury and taxpayers out of approximately 5.4 billion rubles (i.e. $230 million USD).

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